Yin and gin: melt into the season

We can’t quite believe it, but we’re officially announcing our first event together!

Over the past year, Tiff and I have spent many hours imagining many different events that we would love to put on, but we wanted our first event to be super-special and truly reflect who we are. After our yin teacher training this summer, it was suddenly obvious: Yin and Gin had to be the way forward. Some planets aligned and we found the perfect venue, then the perfect date (we’ve not both been in Bristol on the same weekend for as far back as we can remember!) and here we are. So, drum roll please…

Yin and Gin

Melt into the new season with a grounding yin yoga class, followed by a gin cocktail, in a beautiful secret bar filled with fairy lights and candles.

3-5pm, Sunday 7th October
The Lost & Found, Queens Road
£20 (includes a 90 minute yin session and one gin (or non-alcoholic) cocktail of choice)
Email startingoutsomewhere@gmail.com to sign up and purchase your ticket.


We can’t wait to see as many of you as possible there, but tickets are limited so let us know as soon as you’re in…or yin. Yes, there will be puns.

What to bring

  • your yoga mat
  • comfy clothes you can relax in
  • your favourite blanket (if you have one, we will also have plenty of blankets to make sure you can feel nice and comfortable)
  • we will provide bolsters, blankets and eye pillows


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